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  • 07/25/2016 2:40 PM | LPCA Office (Administrator)

    Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

    Publisher: Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House, 2014

    Purchase Price: $60 softcover

    Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on amazon.com and other online book retailers.

    Dr. Cole provides a thought provoking, guided approach to engaging and improving the inner and outer dialogues that form the story of our life.

    Through the Life Script Restructuring (LSR) process, he has demonstrated not only that self-help planning and professional insight can be make relevant and available, but his basis on science, research and expert methodology lends a credibility which few other resources can match.

    Contemporary Neurological Research has demonstrated that our brains have the ability to rewire themselves in response to changes in our thinking. This characteristic of the brain is called Neuroplasticity. LSR systematically leverages brain plasticity in a way that allows you to painlessly unlearn maladaptive ways of thinking and living and permanently replace them with rational life scripts that continually dictate rational thoughts and actions.

    Whether you are looking for a quick skim or a thorough guidebook to improve your life and enhance your happiness, you will find that and more within the pages of True Psychology. You will find your path to a better, stronger life.

  • 07/25/2016 2:33 PM | LPCA Office (Administrator)

    Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

    Publisher: Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House, 2014

    Purchase Price: $14.95 softcover

    This book is a "how to" guide for developing, implementing, and evaluating parenting plans tailored to your family structure and needs. The parenting methods presented in this book are not theoretical fun and games. Rather, they are based on what works and what is needed to raise healthy, happy, and responsible children of all ages. Therapist and father of five, Dr. Galen Cole, provides information about how to effectively manage your family and train your children, and the tools to systematically do both. Dr. Cole provides you with: * guidance on how to establish and communicate boundaries * how to contract for desire behaviors * how to motivate your children to do what they say they'll do * how to understand your own family brand * how to evaluate performance * and, when and how to obtain resources (books, training) or call in a consultant (counselor, religious leader, teacher) to provide you with insight into difficult problems.

  • 07/25/2016 2:18 PM | LPCA Office (Administrator)

    Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

    Publisher: Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House, 2014

    Purchase Price: $15.99 softcover

    Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on amazon.com and other online book retailers.

    Page count: 215

    Life Script Restructuring: The Neuroplastic Psychology for Rewiring Your Brain and Changing Your Life. Life Script Restructuring will allow you to literally rewire your brain. It will help you leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to create a more rational, effective life path. Life Script Restructuring works by helping you systematically identify and script what you want […]

  • 07/25/2016 2:07 PM | LPCA Office (Administrator)

    Author: Kevin Quiles

    Publisher: Infinity Publishing, 2013

    Number of pages:  138

    Order:  www.kevinquiles.com or  Amazon.com

    Conversing with Death takes a unique approach to a most existential phenomenon. Using practical methods and raw personal experiences, author Kevin Quiles shares how one can begin a new dialogue with the last breath, even if it be some 30 or 40 years from today. Kevin uses his 15 years of observation in hospice with thousands of patients to demonstrate common mental and emotional patterns that occur in end-of-life. By gently learning from those who have passed, we can reduce the potential element of surprise that arises from avoiding any conversation around the inevitable. Moreover, living with a fresh, humble awareness that we will die can lead us to live more intentionally now.

  • 01/25/2016 1:41 PM | Anonymous
    Colts and Fillies is an easy-to-use manual for use with young children. Using the EAGALA model, the mental health professional and/or the equine specialist can manage (design) sessions with everything at their fingertips.
    Susan B. Jung, M.Ed., Ed.S. and Dixie Cowles, M.Ed.
    Winning Strides, 2009
    Purchase Price:



  • 09/11/2015 3:30 PM | Gale Macke (Administrator)

    Anyone’s brain can adapt in unhealthy ways that result in bad habits and addictions. If you want to beat your bad habits, Change You is a quick on ramp to a new and better you. 

    Author: Galen Cole, PhD, LPC, CPCS (LPCA Member)
    Purchase Price: $6.92 softcover 
  • 06/12/2015 4:17 PM | Michael Hammock (Administrator)

    This fiction book is a mystery-romance staged in the 50’s and 60's in a simpler period of time, but it deals with the serious subject of mental illness.

    Author - Jo Ellen Oliver (pen name is Jillian Wright) 

    Publisher: Authorhouse Publishing Company, 2009

    Purchase price-$10.00

    Available from Amazon.com (also in e-book)

    Page Count - 152

  • 06/12/2015 4:15 PM | Michael Hammock (Administrator)

    Although fiction, this book is based on interviews with homeless people and is intended to shed some light on their thoughts and feelings

    Author - Jo Ellen Oliver (pen name is Jillian Wright)
    Publisher - Authorhouse Publishing Company, 2009
    Purchase price - $10.00

    Available from Amazon.com or Jo Ellen Oliver; 1131Millstone Run; Watkinsville, GA 30677

    Page Count - 124

  • 06/12/2015 4:10 PM | Michael Hammock (Administrator)

    Author - Kim McNair
    Publisher - Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2011
    Purchase Price - $9.95

    Available - Amazon.com, Balboa Press.com, Barnes and Noble.com (softcover, E-book, and Kindle)

    Page Count - 92

    Life is a journey! As a part of this process, journaling has been used as a resource for introspection, as a recording of life events, a means for clarifying thoughts and emotions, and for many other individualized purposes.
    Living Life through Words is a collection of inspirational writings derived from select journal entries that are designed to illuminate life experiences. The words offer encouragement, positive affirmation, motivation, and liberation as you travel your personal journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. This book will stimulate conversation that is thought provoking and will lead to personal growth.

  • 06/12/2015 4:02 PM | Michael Hammock (Administrator)

    Authors - Donna E. Lane, Ph.D. and W. David Lane, Ph.D.
    Publisher - Catawba Publishing, 2009
    Purchase Price - $15.99

    Available from Amazon.com (softcover and Kindle)

    Page count- 153

     “Please Share the Door, I'm Freezing is a premarital counseling or marriage counseling workbook designed to help couples create the oneness in their marriage that God desires and describes. Authors Donna and David Lane, who are both Christian counselors and professors of counseling, bring the additional perspective of having been successful in marriage for over 35 years. Topics include God's basic elements for a happy marriage, identifying and removing beliefs that create division and destroy relationships, praying together effectively, submitting to each other in love, avoiding pitfalls, living in peace, becoming allies instead of adversaries, partnering with God, and bearing good fruit in marriage. The Lanes believe that being fully who God created us to be is the only way to live fully as one in our marriage. As a result, the workbook also offers suggestions for strengthening our relationship with God and for personal growth, while providing steps for deepening marriage relationships. Each chapter builds on the previous section, allowing couples to learn new concepts while reinforcing earlier ideas and strategies. Each section ends with discussion questions for couples to complete together, and easy-to-understand homework to practice what the couple is learning. The Lanes review common problems in marriages and reveal basic tactics used by the enemy of God to destroy marriages. They present clear, step-by-step strategies to overcome those common problems, and to stand against, and with the help of God to defeat, those tactics that create division. The workbook is designed in such a way that it can be used by couples on their own, in small groups, and in church programs, retreats, and seminars. It is also an effective tool for premarital work, where young couples can establish healthy patterns of relating for the entirety of their marriage.

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