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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about "Diagnose" Training

to meet the new law.  ppt


Psychopathology, Differential Diagnosis, and the DSM-5: A Comprehensive Overview


The requirement must be completed by midnight December 31, 2016. As the rule is further clarified, by the Licensing  Board, any modifications to this program will be made to  their standards.

(Exemption: If you were licensed in Georgia before April 26, 2006 as an LPC (no other level counts) you are exempt*)

OR on your LAPC or LPC application Course Work is listed under IX Psychopathology to meet Rule 135-5-.02(a) 11 (IX)

What have you done for me lately LPCA?

You now have Diagnose-Parity with Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapist

Protected your rights to practice

Kept your assessment rights

Added you to the 10-13/ 20-13 providers

Networking /Training Events

Answered to your questions

Mentored 325 students so far this year

Life after Graduation program

News you can use E-Newsletters

Meetings with legislators

Delivered  thousands of letters/ phone calls face to face with Lawmakers

Personal assistance

Insurance – assistance

Representation at the Composite Board meetings-Your Licensing Board 

Testify at hearings

Only organization in the state that maps out mental health professionals

Assistance for those in private practice

Legal issues cease and desist

Membership is priceless....

March 22, 2017:
Involuntary Emergency Transportation to the nearest receiving facility-hospitalization.
SB 52 PASSED, the sunset removed.  
LPCs have been added permanently in the law
as a mental health professional that can sign a "10-13" form.

Form 1013

Certificate Authorizing Transport to Emergency Receiving

Facility & Report of Transportation – Mental Health

Form 2013 (Addictive Diseases)

1013-2013 FAQs

1013-2013 Instructions and Other Policies

These forms were made available on the website by LPCA members and their membership dues.  If you're not a member, consider joining and become a part of the professional organization that represents you in Georgia.


Counselors Promote the Quality of Life!     

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, Inc., LPCA is dedicated to the profession and the professionalism of Counselors in Georgia.

VISION STATEMENT:   LPCA is recognized as the Most Outstanding State Association in the USA by the American Mental Health Counselors Association, AMHCA.  LPCA is a state chapter of AMHCA, a division of ACA. Please take a minute to read our Mission and Vision Statement.   

LPCA Mission and Vision

  LPCA is the voice for professional counselors in Georgia.

LPCA is the organization that gained "DIAGNOSE" for Licensed Professional Counselors!

We have a dedicated team that is hard working, creative, and caring. 

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Why Counselors Join LPCA:

Thank you so much for your response. I sincerely appreciate your help with the licensing process as well with joining the LPCA. Your answers were very helpful and provided me with clarification. As I move forward, I am glad to know I can reach out for assistance and consultation with the LPCA.   E.H.


Legislative Update

LPCs, thanks to LPCA you now have PARITY so you can continue to accept insurance and practice. 

READ THE NEW LAW, Senate Bill 319 CLICK HERE or use this link:


DIRECTIONS to the CAPITAL - Let your voice be heard.

MAP of MH Professional   MAP of Psychologist 

Author's Corner

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LPCA is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and my offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. 

Provide Number: 6762

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